Little Rock Show - 22-05-08 - CTR ALT DEL Guest Mix!

Joining those Little Rock muckers on this weeks show, and performing an exclusive guest mix, it's none other than local heroes CTR ALT DEL, who happen to do a monthly spot at MacSorley's Music Bar featuring top bands of the like of Lummox, Stinky Munchkins, The Retrosexuals, Line Idle, The Niallist and lods more - as well as being pretty adpet at mixing electro and house records together, which you can hear by listening to the show here - bring it on!

EMERSON LAKE and PALMER - Peter Gunn Theme
AIDS WOLF - Live!!!
WEENLIZ - Cub then Bear then Otter
BOZILLA - Do You Like My Cookies?
POLYSICS - Digital Coffee
HOLY FUCK - Choppers
HOT CHIP - Over & Over (Disco Beard Long Edit)
EYES - Death To A Camel (Ode To Bad Trippppps)
RADIOHEAD - 4 Minute Warning
ROBOT SURFER - Smokin' Toad
DJ ML - Drop It Like It's Hendrix
CADENCE WEAPON - In Search of the Youth Crew


***Guest mix from CTR ALT DEL***
TEK BOX - Express (Zones Edit)
BUMPER - Cosmopolitan Lover
ERIC POLAIR - Polar Bear
PRINCE - Controversy (Peter Black Purple Mix)
DIGITALISM - Editions Moonlight

***Back to Little Rock***

DIGIKI - Non Plus (Germlin remix)
GEOFF BEFORE DISHONOUR - Ante Ingnominium Mors
STAZI - Track 6
SHITDISCO - Reactor Party (Gay Against You remix)
DEPECHE MODE - Just Can't Get Enough
STEREOLAB - French Disko

You cna check out the CTR ALT DEL myspace at:
ANd don't forget - we are deleting HALF of our downloadable back catalogue on the 1st of June, so if you haven't already get on over to and grab the free music while it's still going, or get to those same free tunes through our myspace!


15/04/08 DEATH DISCO / WRONG ISLAND Special!

So like, we're playing at DEATH DISCO on Saturday night, yeah? It's just like the biggest night in Scotland right now, yeah? And like we're playing in the front arch from like 12-1.30 yeah? And if that offends you, then we have a guest mix on the show from TEAMY, the Optimo queue legend, who also DJs at the fine nights WRONG ISLAND and AFTER DARK - so if like you're not cool enough for Death Disco yeah you can like go to one of his nights instead yeah? Or like, if you think that like you wanna listen to the show yeah, well just like listen here, yeah?

HOT CHIP- Over & Over (Disco Beard Long Edit) **
H20 - Got To Be Me
ROBYN & SNOOP - Sexual Eruption Remix
MS MAC D - I Came ***
BRITNEY vs KELLY - Gimme Shoes
DAFT PUNK - Human After All (Disco Beard Short Edit)
DEVO - Theme From Doctor Detroit
LES RHTYMS DIGITALES - Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
LADY SOVEREIGN - Public Warning
NEGROBEAT Cotton Eyed Ho
LESLIE & THE LYS - Blame The Booty (NSL Remix)
SKATT BROS - Walk The Night

***** Brock & Todd bring you THE LITTLE ROCK NEWS! *****

THE CULT - She Sells Sanctuary
EDDIE COCHRAN - C'mon Everybody

- Special Guest mix from TEAMY (Wrong Island/After Dark)! -

These tunes are NOT in order, for special extra wrongness!
Please note: many of these tunes are availabel on DISSIDENT* Records.

SCS - Marauder
MY MINE - Hypnotic Tango (Instrumental)
HELIUM ROBOTS - Metallic Dawn*
STARDUST - Music Sounds Better With You
GWEILO - Acolyte*
SCS - Model Specific*

FRANK ZAPPA - America Drinks And Goes Home

** This tune is available NOW As a download from our myspace:
*** This tune is available now (and only for another 2 weeks) at:
* And these are all from DISSIDENT Records
- we couldn't find their website, so here's Wrong Island's:

08/05/08 - After Party Coffee Morning Special!

Well, as it is so like totally summer right now, and as we love coffee so much, we have decided to grace your ears with a very special "After-Party-Coffee-Morning" Mix by Mixmaster Johnny Vitals.

We know this show doesn't go out in the morning - in fact strictly speaking it is on the very cusp of the transformation from morning to afternoon, but as some people have such loose definitions of "morning" (and some other people rather unfairly like to classify these folk as "students") - I don't think it matters that much. But judge for yourselves! Listen here...

POLYSICS - Moog Is Love
BOZILLA - This Is Not The New Sound
U.F.O - Jackson6
DANCE! - We're Here
BOZILLA - Last of the Summer Disco
SENSORIUM - The Sweetest Fruit
SYCAMORE DRIVE - Amatuer Dramatics
DROWNED DENKO - Needing a Noobcore Jesus
MUNGO'S HI-FI - Inner City
MUNGO'S HI-FI - Ing (Jahtari Remix)

- - - - NOOWZS - - - -


And remember folks - the NORAVE album is available NOW as a free download from - 18 tunes of post-crunk and drone-pop featuring a couple of the artists played in the show today - check it out!!

24/04/08 - NORAVE Launch Special!

YES!!! To celebrate the release of the genre-defying cultural and generational MOMENT that is the Little Rock Records NORAVE compilation, today we have played a selection of the artists included on the album - they are marked out below with a *. And to hear the show, just click here.

AND REMEMBER FOLKS! The NORAVE Launch Party is happening next Tuesday (April 29th) at Stereo from 8pm! With Hudson Mohawke, Gay Against You, Mong and dj Jonnie WIlkes playing a special non-dance set - entry is only £5 and everyone who comes along gets a free copy of the album! So what you waiting for?!?

Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks
RZA and MF Doom - Biochemical Equation
Flying Lotus - Unexpected Delight Feat. Laura Darlington
Megaforce VCR - Bald Eagle Fire Frenzy *
Zillah - God's Anger (I Expire)
Melt Banana - Shield For Your Eyes A Beast
Polysics - Blackout Fallout
Blood Moon - Untitled Jam with Slide *
Din Stalker - Dum Klang
the Niallist - Going To A Nodown *
Negrobeat - Cotton Eyed Hoe


Flying Lotus - Sao Paulo
Hudson Mohawke - 4/3 Hurt *
Blockhead - Remarch Remix *
Gay Against You - Sour Dudes Live *
Addict - Stalker Goes To Babylon
MONG - 6,000,000,000AM Eternal *
Smokestack Jones - The Tiger
Line Idle - Plink *
Drowned Denko - When You Wake Up Please Look Through My Things *
AHG - Auld School *
Sycamore Drive - 1945 *
Orange Goblin - Beginner's Guide To Suicide
Fox Gut Daata - Think It Nil Nil *
Abstrakt Bastard - Ffmmglmphh *
Tayside Mental Health - Woman Is A Danger Cat *

To find out more about NORAVE then visit and to get your hands and ears on the free NORAVE 4-track taster EP hop on over to! Because WE LOVE YOU. NO RILLY.

17/04/08 "Paul is Special" Special!

Due to some cosmic quirk of fate, the origin and deeper meaning of which we cannot discuss live on thus forum, many of the tunes we played today were given to us by, or remind us of, a certain man by the name of McCann. Paul McCann that is. So in tribute to his majesty we are gonna call this show the "Paul is Special" Special. You can listen to it here. Who loves you baby?!

GAY AGAINST YOU - Sour Dudes (Live) *
ZILLAH - Ghost Who
JIMMY CLIFF - The Harder They Come
DR. ALIMANTADO - The Best Dressed Chicken in Town
LORDS OF ACID - I Love My Pussy
DROWNED DENKO - I Need A Noobcore Jesus **
DROWNED DENKO - Eyes Like Pissholes in the Snow **
RUSTIE - Cafe De Fresh (Instrumental)
RELS - Save Tha Day *
DR GHE - I Like Em Fat *
SCISSOR FIGHT - Appalachian Chain

- - - NOO(b)Z - - -

LOVE MARKOW - Capitalism Builders
8BIT BETTY - She's totaly mad! No seriously!
FOLLIN - Black Lamp
SYCAMORE DRIVE - Amateur Dramatics **
TAYSIDE MENTAL HEALTH - I See Hygeine Issues *
EYES - We Are The Eyes **
BLOCKHEAD - Under The Skin *
SHOOBY TAYLOR - Some tune that goes "Shoobydoobababaaa"
DUKE ELLINGTON - Take The "A" Train
CAN - I'm So Green
? - Psychose
"Girls & Menstruation" Public Health Broadcast

As per usual, the tunes above with the * beside are available (or will be) through Little Rock Records ( and the ** means the act is associated with Little Rock and hopefully might release something with us at some point! Don't forget our NORAVE album is out for free download in under two weeks, and the NORAVE launch party is on at STEREO on Renfield Lane on Tuesday the 29th of April, with Hudson Mohawke, Gay Against You, MONG and DJ Jonnie Wilkes. To find out what this NORAVE malarky is all about get on over to where we have a four song sampler EP available as a free download!


03/042008 - norave, norules.

Today we played some more music. This is a list of that music.
(you can also find ourplaylists in the forums)

Bad Biscuit - Kids In America
Prodigy - Fire
Gay Against You - Sour Dudes (live) *
Darkmode - MC60
Infected Mushroom - Sulimann
Leslie & The Lys - Blame the Booty (NSL Bottom Heavy Mix)
Bass Clef - Welcome Back To The Echo Chamber
Clyde Mc Phatter - Lover Please
Texture - Rorschach
Fox Gut Daata - Think It Nil Nil *
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love 12" Mix
Hercules & Love Affair - True/False, Fake/Real
Mr Flash - Disco Dynamite
The Parliamentalist - Thatcher
Tiger Stripes - Survivor
Robyn - Konichiwa Bitchez (Trentmoller Remix)
The Glimmers - Kobe's In Columbia
EYES - There You Go **
Goldfrapp - White Soft Rope (ft the Midwitch Children's Choir)
Monade - Etoile
Dr Buzzard's Savannah Band - Sunshower
MIA - Sunshower
Cibo Matto - Know Your Chicken
Idonia - Ukku
Jahtari Riddim Force - Vigilante Dub
Frank Delour/Deadly Avenger - Put Em Up
Timbaland - Oh Timbaland
McJor - Another Grunge Anthem *

The tracks with the * are all available at, where you will find ever-more music for you to download. Remember we're having ourselves a big party at the end of this month to celebrate the launch of our newest album, NORAVE, and you are all invited. Entry includes a limited edition copy of the download-only album. Be there on the 29th and become a part of music history.

If you need to heart something before you go, we have already uploaded a sample EP. You can find that at

As always, send all your thoughts to

13/03/08 - ft DJ ESAMBA (Noodle)

This week we have mostly been eating cabbages. Baby water cabbages that is - imported directly from China and mixed with lots of NOODLES. Such big fans of Noodles are we that this week we asked DJ ESAMBA from the rocking deep house night NOODLE to come on the show and do a guest mix. Which he did, and which rocked our tiny little minds! You can hear the show here, and in the meantime here's the other stuff we played...

Devo - Mongoloid (Live at the Carling Academy 2007)
PJ Harvey - Kamikaze
Sensorium - Sight of the Blind
TV on the Radio - Say You Do
Nanobot Auxilliary Ballet - More
Gypsy Girl Filth - Recovering

- - - Guest Mix from DJ ESAMBA (Noodle) - - -

DJ Sneak - Basic Jam
Mark Farina - Radio
Johnny Fiasco - Takes
MANDY - Put Put Put
Sascha Funke - The Acrobat
Steve Bug - Iron Daily
Martin Buttrich - Hunter
Argy - Unreliable Virgin

- - - Noooz - - -

AHG - Birthday Beats *
Langley Schools Music Project - Sweet Caroline
The Niallist - The New Wave of the Same Old *
Rage Againt the Machine - Testify (Cry.On.The.Console)
Gay Against You - Sour Dudes (live) *
Blockhead - Under The Skin
Qbert - Super Mario Theme
Dublex Inc - Tango Forte
Leslie & the Lys - Blame The Booty (NSL Remix)
Kode 9 & the Space Ape - Backward
Rustie - Cafe De Fresh
Big Face - Ride The Front Seat
Dance! - We're Here
Alice Coltrane - This Train

The tunes with the * are forthcoming on Little Rock Records (, and if you like the sound of the Noodle mix from DJ Esamba, then get down to the Admiral tomorrow night (Fri 14th of March) to check out NOODLE with special guest Milton Jackson!

As usual please direct all hate mail to, and you just MIGHT get a shout out!

6/03/08 - Student Elections Special!

Student elections.. always a fraught time of year, when a young person's mind turns to changing the world. Not us, of course; we just play music. And as anyone knows, music never changes anything. With that apathetic pessimism firmly in mind, on with the playlist! (If you're really "pro-active" you can listen here...)

Coati Mundi - Pharoah (You Can't Take It With You)
Gwen Guthrie - Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)
Burning Bright - Better Believe
Benji Boko - The Jungle VIP
Fleur Earth w/ Gringo Starr - Bremmen Euch Ab
Incredible Dancing Machines "Trust A Far Eye *
Disrupt ft Mikey Murka - Empress [Scotch Bonnet Records]
Rootah ft Mikey Murka - She Gone Dub [Scotch Bonnet Records}
Gastornis - Over On An Island
JP Manniero - Il Tubo Del Anno
Bonzo Dog Band - Canyons of Your Mind
TJ Kong - Disco Necked It
Can - Vitamin C
Hot Chip - Boy From School

- news break -

The Parliamentalist - Al Gore
Tayside Mental Health - Touchers of the Cloth
Polysics - dunno, the title is in Japanese
Kings Have Long Arms - dunno! (CD-R)
Drowned Denko - When You Wake Up Please Go Through My Stuff *
Stazi - also dunno! (Lee didn't name the tunes on that CD-R)
Cot Death - Blood Is Thicker Than Oil
Queens of the Stone Age - Quick and the Pointless
The Niallist - Come & Get It *
The Evil Eye - The "Something" *
And. - Hilton Orbital Hotel
DJ Sega - Dig (thanks DJ G-Bolz!!)
Rushjet - The Final Conflict
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix)
Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey - Electric Dreams

As we were leaving the studio we were beset upon... it seems things got a little out of hand over lunch. The police, in an effort to regain control after earlier reports of intimidation and violence began to circulate among the student body politic, began using tear gas. Fortunately the wind was with the electioneers. The gas was caught by a freak gust, settling across the road around the members of Socialist Worker protesting against free and fair elections. A spokesman for the student body said "It's great. Really, really great. Even if we all lose this election, I feel like we have already won a great victory for democracy. Plus, we got a bit of a rammy off the rozzers, which is always nice. " Students, eh?

The acts with the * beside them are all Little Rock artists with music available at Little Rock Records, or on our upoming NO RAVE compilation. Check it out!

28/02/08 The WRONG Stuff

Did you ever have one of those days when everything is just plain old wrong? Thankfully, today wasn't one of those days, but we know how it feels so this show is dedicated to everyone who is just having a wrong day today. Some of the band names and the music we played (listen here) are just plain old wrong, but listen anyway, as we are sure you will enjoy it! Here is the tracklisting from our mini-festival of wrongness...

Erase Errata - Another Genius Idea From Our Government
Will Powers - Adventures in Success (Dub Mix)
Gravediggaz - Today's Math
Fox Gut Daata - GERD Nerd *
Hollertronix - Who Are These Assholes?
Late of the Pier - Space & The Woods
Klanguage - Never Over
Kids On TV - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off
Tentenmoller - Vamp
Phantom Slasher - New Jeans
Clutch - Release the Dub
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Mr Tang (Live)
Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
DangerDoom - Mince Meat

- - - NOOZZZ - - -

The Parliamentalist - William Hague
Underground Resistance - Soulshine
Victor - Go On Do It
Factor 6 - Flimbo's Quest 1
Dubmood - Pressure Drop
Loituma - Ievan Polka
Drowned Denko - Eyes Like Pissholes In The Snow *
Alec Empire - Many Bars & No Money
Sycamore Drive - 1945 *
Megaforce VCR - Lerdit *
2 Lone Swordsmen - Death To All Culture Snitches
The Niallist - Do The Flesh Crawl *
Nouvelle Vague - Dancing With Myself
Black Ivory - Mainline
MIA/Klymaxx - Uraqt In The Ladies Room (Aggro mash-up)
Robert Calvert - The Right Stuff

As usual don't forget to send wrong feelings to this email address:, and don't forget to check out All the artists with the * above will be featuring on our ULTRA-WRONG "No Rave" compilation, coming in April. So stay tuned!

21/02/08 - Mary Jane from Mungo, Word Games with Scrabble

This week we had a guest mix from DJ D'Sylva, resident at local bangfest Scrabble, and featured a megamix we mashed together from versions of the excellent Mary Jane riddim from Scotch Bonnet. Listen to the madness here! Both Scrabble and Mungo are playing tomorrow night, Friday 22nd...

What else did we play? Well, here's the playlist.

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love (12" Mix)
Grant Me Revenge - Nightmares Challenge Sleep
Evil Eye - Shogun Assasin *
IDM - Casino Royale *
Dub Mood - Vodska Dance - free EP available from Jahtari

Mungo Mary Mega Mix ft. Kenny Knotts, Soom T, Top Cat & Mikey Murka

Daddy Morry - Signeur De Guerre
Kwadjo - Make You Feel Alright
Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy (12" Mix)
Saian Supa Crew - Originales
Burial - Wounder
And. - Hilton Orbital Hotel
Kristoffski Kabuki - Movin Up
The Niallist - Belief/Opinion/Cause of Death *

.The News.

Word Games Mix - DJ D'Sylva, Scrabble Soundsytem

Lukes Anger - Dead Lime Elvis
Stick 430 - PeeOok
Chris Morris - Doc Cock
Add N to X - Plug Me In
Abdominal - Breathe Later

As always, send all hatemail to
Remember we have loads of free shit on, some of which is above, marked by an asterisk*.

Check out Scrabble and check out Scotch bonnet:

14/02/08 - ANTI-VALENTINE Special!

This week, as we just so happened to be broadcasting on Valentine's Day, we decided to display our COLD, BLACKENED, BITTER HEARTS with a very special ANTI-LOVE show! Chill your cockles by listening here...

Spinmaster Plantpot - That's No Way To Treat Me Babe!
Sons & Daughters - Johnny Cash (Live)
Fantomas - Rosmary's Baby
Dillinger Escape Plan - Come To Daddy
Liza Minelli - (Bye Bye) Mein Herr
Sycamore Drive - At Least He Had An Exit Strategy*
John Carpenter - Halloween (Haunted House)
Yello - Daily Disco (1985 Remix)
Black Devil Disco Club - Constantly No Respect
Electric Six - I Don't Like You
The Niallist - Come & Get It*
The Horrors - Sheena Is A Parasite
Motorhead - Love Me Like A Reptile
Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick
Turbonegro - Drenched In Blood
Link Wray - Jack the Ripper
The Misfits - Die Die My Darling

--- should have been news here but we dropped it ---

Bangers & Cash w. Amanda Blank - Loose
Maroon 5 - This Love (Little Rock Smash-Up)
Bonzo Dog Band - You Done My Brain In (Disco Beard Edit)*
Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con (Remix)
Dusty Springfield - What Do You Do When Love Dies?
Portishead - Glory Box (Live)
Burial - Gutted
Tayside Mental Health - Diary of A Donkey F***er
Line Idle - Plink*
Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me (Grum Remix)
DMX Krew - Good Time Girl
Love Motel - Nothing Hurts
Kings Have Long Arms - All Hail Satan
The Niallist - Youth Against Fascism*
Sons & Daughters - Royally Used
Foxface - The Cold South
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

As usual, the tunes with the * beside them are available on Little Rock Records or will be in the near future, or are even by Little Rock related artists. Visit our bitchin' website at And if YOU have any tales of heartbreak and woe, or any general HATE MAIL, then send us an email to ...

And remember folks...

We HATE Your Ears!


07/02/08 - Fisher-Price Mix

Boags first Ableton mix - tracklisting coming soon!

31/01/08 - FRESH for 2008! ft HELL

This week we did a "Like, What's Gonna Be TOTALLY Hot in 2008!"-type special, not to mention having a cracking guest slot by the boys from HELL!

As many of the fresh, new young artists we have featured are giving away free music as part of the internet distributing revolution, we have included links to their myspaces, or the websites from which you can download their free tracks. Also, if it turns out, come the start of 2009, that we were completely wrong in our hot tips, then feel free to sue Gok Wan for damages! But first of all, you have to listen...

Rels "Save Tha Day" * - available from the Little Rock Myspace
Tittsworth "Thunderstruck Remix"
The Evil Eye "Shogun Assassin" *
Waking The Cadaver "Chased Through the Woods by a Rapist"
Simian Mobile Disco "Clock"


HELL is an extra special techno party that takes place fortnightly at Glasgow's Classic Grand venue - the nest one is tommorrow night! So isten to the mix, which we're sure you'll enjoy, and then get your butt down there! Here's the tracklist:

Oxia - Lost Memory
Plastikman - Spastik (Dubfire Remix)
Paul Ritch - Norbanhof
Carassi & Capriati - Microbiotic RMX
Min 2 Max - Barem
Green Velvet - Destination Unknown
Kevin Saunderson - Bassline RMX
Paul Ritch - Winter Ceremony
White Label - ?

- - NOOZ - -
Sorry guys, but having a 4 minute news is not on! Stick to the original 2 minute format or we'll keep cutting you off!

Scaramouche "The Crack Of The Whip" *
Love Motel "L'Enfer"
Birth Control "Gamma Ray (MJnFLs Half Life Edit)" - dunno if this is still available, but I got it here...
Sons & Daughters "Darling"
Kristofski Kabuki "Pink Moon"
Penny Broadhurst "LJaded"
MIA "XR2 (Silverlink v Kicks Like A Mule Remix)"
And. "Ghost in The Shell Remix"
Sycamore Drive "Headlights"
DJ Fhantom "Slipped Disc"
Tayside Mental Health "Woman is a Danger Cat"
The I.D.M. "Casino Royale" *
Spank Rock "Backyard Betty"
Gene & the Esquires "Space Race"

As ever, the tunes with the * beside them are available now or are forthcoming from Little Rock Records...

24/01/08 - This Is Now! That Was Then!


The holidays are over, and so is 2007. To celebrate 2008 being upon us and 2007 having been given the heave-ho, we've gone through a few of our favourite tunes from last year. Some tunes deserving of a mention have been missed, and we're sure you'll have your own favourites, but hey. We had to choose and so we did.

In the meantime you should listen to the show. Then you can send us an email saying how wrong we are.

(act - title)

LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous
DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix)
Queens of the Stone Age - Turn In The Screw
Alabama Thunderpussy - Words of a Dying Man
Modeselektor - 200000?
Justice - Phantom Pt. 2
Britney Vs Kelly - Gimme Shoes
Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches
Alloy Mental - God Is Green
Swen Weber - Bassma (Swen Weber Remix)
Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction
Bonde do RolĂȘ - Solta O Frang
Dizzee Rascal - Pussyole (old School)


Burial - Archangel
Wu Tang Clan - 16th Chamber (ODB Special)
Lethal Bizzle - Bizzle Bizzle
Lady Sovereign - Public Warning
Gogol Bordello - Ultimate
Robert Rodriguez - Grindhouse (Main Theme)
The Horrors - Jack The Ripper
Battles - Atlas
Electric Six - Down at Macdonnelz
Klaxxons - Some New Rave Pish Based On Somebody Else's Chat
Ministry - Palestina (72nd Virgin Mix)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Sick on Sunday
Bjork - Earth Intruders
Timbaland - The Way I Are

And then, of course, we played our biggest and baddest tune of 2007 to close. Can you guess what it was? We can't!

As always, feel free to abuse our inbox with all your worries and concerns. you can find us over at, or you can drop us a line at