24/04/08 - NORAVE Launch Special!

YES!!! To celebrate the release of the genre-defying cultural and generational MOMENT that is the Little Rock Records NORAVE compilation, today we have played a selection of the artists included on the album - they are marked out below with a *. And to hear the show, just click here.

AND REMEMBER FOLKS! The NORAVE Launch Party is happening next Tuesday (April 29th) at Stereo from 8pm! With Hudson Mohawke, Gay Against You, Mong and dj Jonnie WIlkes playing a special non-dance set - entry is only £5 and everyone who comes along gets a free copy of the album! So what you waiting for?!?

Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks
RZA and MF Doom - Biochemical Equation
Flying Lotus - Unexpected Delight Feat. Laura Darlington
Megaforce VCR - Bald Eagle Fire Frenzy *
Zillah - God's Anger (I Expire)
Melt Banana - Shield For Your Eyes A Beast
Polysics - Blackout Fallout
Blood Moon - Untitled Jam with Slide *
Din Stalker - Dum Klang
the Niallist - Going To A Nodown *
Negrobeat - Cotton Eyed Hoe


Flying Lotus - Sao Paulo
Hudson Mohawke - 4/3 Hurt *
Blockhead - Remarch Remix *
Gay Against You - Sour Dudes Live *
Addict - Stalker Goes To Babylon
MONG - 6,000,000,000AM Eternal *
Smokestack Jones - The Tiger
Line Idle - Plink *
Drowned Denko - When You Wake Up Please Look Through My Things *
AHG - Auld School *
Sycamore Drive - 1945 *
Orange Goblin - Beginner's Guide To Suicide
Fox Gut Daata - Think It Nil Nil *
Abstrakt Bastard - Ffmmglmphh *
Tayside Mental Health - Woman Is A Danger Cat *

To find out more about NORAVE then visit and to get your hands and ears on the free NORAVE 4-track taster EP hop on over to! Because WE LOVE YOU. NO RILLY.

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