03/042008 - norave, norules.

Today we played some more music. This is a list of that music.
(you can also find ourplaylists in the forums)

Bad Biscuit - Kids In America
Prodigy - Fire
Gay Against You - Sour Dudes (live) *
Darkmode - MC60
Infected Mushroom - Sulimann
Leslie & The Lys - Blame the Booty (NSL Bottom Heavy Mix)
Bass Clef - Welcome Back To The Echo Chamber
Clyde Mc Phatter - Lover Please
Texture - Rorschach
Fox Gut Daata - Think It Nil Nil *
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love 12" Mix
Hercules & Love Affair - True/False, Fake/Real
Mr Flash - Disco Dynamite
The Parliamentalist - Thatcher
Tiger Stripes - Survivor
Robyn - Konichiwa Bitchez (Trentmoller Remix)
The Glimmers - Kobe's In Columbia
EYES - There You Go **
Goldfrapp - White Soft Rope (ft the Midwitch Children's Choir)
Monade - Etoile
Dr Buzzard's Savannah Band - Sunshower
MIA - Sunshower
Cibo Matto - Know Your Chicken
Idonia - Ukku
Jahtari Riddim Force - Vigilante Dub
Frank Delour/Deadly Avenger - Put Em Up
Timbaland - Oh Timbaland
McJor - Another Grunge Anthem *

The tracks with the * are all available at, where you will find ever-more music for you to download. Remember we're having ourselves a big party at the end of this month to celebrate the launch of our newest album, NORAVE, and you are all invited. Entry includes a limited edition copy of the download-only album. Be there on the 29th and become a part of music history.

If you need to heart something before you go, we have already uploaded a sample EP. You can find that at

As always, send all your thoughts to

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