28/02/08 The WRONG Stuff

Did you ever have one of those days when everything is just plain old wrong? Thankfully, today wasn't one of those days, but we know how it feels so this show is dedicated to everyone who is just having a wrong day today. Some of the band names and the music we played (listen here) are just plain old wrong, but listen anyway, as we are sure you will enjoy it! Here is the tracklisting from our mini-festival of wrongness...

Erase Errata - Another Genius Idea From Our Government
Will Powers - Adventures in Success (Dub Mix)
Gravediggaz - Today's Math
Fox Gut Daata - GERD Nerd *
Hollertronix - Who Are These Assholes?
Late of the Pier - Space & The Woods
Klanguage - Never Over
Kids On TV - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off
Tentenmoller - Vamp
Phantom Slasher - New Jeans
Clutch - Release the Dub
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Mr Tang (Live)
Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
DangerDoom - Mince Meat

- - - NOOZZZ - - -

The Parliamentalist - William Hague
Underground Resistance - Soulshine
Victor - Go On Do It
Factor 6 - Flimbo's Quest 1
Dubmood - Pressure Drop
Loituma - Ievan Polka
Drowned Denko - Eyes Like Pissholes In The Snow *
Alec Empire - Many Bars & No Money
Sycamore Drive - 1945 *
Megaforce VCR - Lerdit *
2 Lone Swordsmen - Death To All Culture Snitches
The Niallist - Do The Flesh Crawl *
Nouvelle Vague - Dancing With Myself
Black Ivory - Mainline
MIA/Klymaxx - Uraqt In The Ladies Room (Aggro mash-up)
Robert Calvert - The Right Stuff

As usual don't forget to send wrong feelings to this email address:, and don't forget to check out All the artists with the * above will be featuring on our ULTRA-WRONG "No Rave" compilation, coming in April. So stay tuned!

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