6/03/08 - Student Elections Special!

Student elections.. always a fraught time of year, when a young person's mind turns to changing the world. Not us, of course; we just play music. And as anyone knows, music never changes anything. With that apathetic pessimism firmly in mind, on with the playlist! (If you're really "pro-active" you can listen here...)

Coati Mundi - Pharoah (You Can't Take It With You)
Gwen Guthrie - Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)
Burning Bright - Better Believe
Benji Boko - The Jungle VIP
Fleur Earth w/ Gringo Starr - Bremmen Euch Ab
Incredible Dancing Machines "Trust A Far Eye *
Disrupt ft Mikey Murka - Empress [Scotch Bonnet Records]
Rootah ft Mikey Murka - She Gone Dub [Scotch Bonnet Records}
Gastornis - Over On An Island
JP Manniero - Il Tubo Del Anno
Bonzo Dog Band - Canyons of Your Mind
TJ Kong - Disco Necked It
Can - Vitamin C
Hot Chip - Boy From School

- news break -

The Parliamentalist - Al Gore
Tayside Mental Health - Touchers of the Cloth
Polysics - dunno, the title is in Japanese
Kings Have Long Arms - dunno! (CD-R)
Drowned Denko - When You Wake Up Please Go Through My Stuff *
Stazi - also dunno! (Lee didn't name the tunes on that CD-R)
Cot Death - Blood Is Thicker Than Oil
Queens of the Stone Age - Quick and the Pointless
The Niallist - Come & Get It *
The Evil Eye - The "Something" *
And. - Hilton Orbital Hotel
DJ Sega - Dig (thanks DJ G-Bolz!!)
Rushjet - The Final Conflict
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix)
Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey - Electric Dreams

As we were leaving the studio we were beset upon... it seems things got a little out of hand over lunch. The police, in an effort to regain control after earlier reports of intimidation and violence began to circulate among the student body politic, began using tear gas. Fortunately the wind was with the electioneers. The gas was caught by a freak gust, settling across the road around the members of Socialist Worker protesting against free and fair elections. A spokesman for the student body said "It's great. Really, really great. Even if we all lose this election, I feel like we have already won a great victory for democracy. Plus, we got a bit of a rammy off the rozzers, which is always nice. " Students, eh?

The acts with the * beside them are all Little Rock artists with music available at Little Rock Records, or on our upoming NO RAVE compilation. Check it out!

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