01-11-07 FOXFACE Special!

This week we were joined in the studio by FOXFACE, to celebrate ther release of their debut album "This Is What Makes Us"...

To listen to the show click here - and here's what we played:

Butthole Surfers - Sweatloaf
Fantomas - Godfather Theme
DJ Mehdi - Wee Bounce
Mo' Horizons - Lovely Day Inside
Galactic - I Got It
IDM - Casino Royale *
The Specials - Ghost Town
Prince Fatty - Fat Panther
Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast
Goblin - Profundo Rosso
Seeed (feat Saian Supa Crew) - Thing
Chorus Of Gastornis - Machete Attack *
Rustie - Crooked

Kid Twist - Canada Day
The Swimming Pools - I Fall In Love 100 Times a Day
Errors - Songos ya Mongos
Mong - (This Is not Your Exquisite) External Mongasm On The Express Shuttle To Mongopolis (Pt. 1) ""
Pyro - Sentinel
Stereolab - Interlock

And from then on, FOXFACE were picking the tunes.

Some of those are on their new album - "This Is What Makes Us" - out now on Gargleblast Records -
Available now in Monorail in Glasgow and dropping everywhere else on Monday.
You can also check out their Myspace, at

Check out their album again at their Album Launch Party, in the all new Stereo (Renfield Lane, off Hope Street) this Saturday, 3rd November.

The tunes they chose:

Foxface - The Cold South
Foxface - The Last Waltz
Hamish Imlach - Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice
Foxface - What Do You Believe In?
The Gun Club - Ghost On The Highway
Foxface - Can't Afford To Go
Deerhoof - Wrong Time Capsule

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