22-11-07 Part 1 - ANDNOTOR vs CHEW THE FAT!

Cross posted from the Subcity forums - a very special show for you this week, with not one but TWO exclusive guest DJ spots, and an extra hour standing in for the Mixtape that will be getting a topic post all of its own. We also have some FREE CDs to give away - just see below!* Here is the show, and would you believe that this is our playlist (from 2-3pm)?

(act - track)

Cycle of Zen - Diablos
Scream - Fight/American Justice
Copyleft - Low Intensity Conflict
Foxface - The Monster Sea
Todd Rundgren - Couldn't I Just Tell You?

- - - - CHEW THE FAT Mix (by Bradley C & Defcon 1) - - - -

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (guns & Bombs)
Jeff K - Jack It Up
Dave Speer - Flex (Speer Reflex)
Devil's Gun - Golddust (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Unique 3 - Rock the Bass (Si Begg Remix)
Hybrid - Higher than a Skyscraper (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Titsworth - B-Rock
NAPT - The Rollers
Wahhon - Damn You're Hot (Freeform Reform)
T2 - Heartbroken (Filthy Rich Remix)
Herve - Rock Raver

Chew The Fat celebrate their tenth birthday with a tour of the UK and Europe, and tonight they're stopping off in the one and only Sub Club! So get down there if you wanna see resident Badley C with special guests Paul Arnold and Trevor Loweys!

And if you want to find out more about CHEW THE FAT, the club, you can check their Glasgow Myspace at or theirNon-Site-Specific UK-and-World-Wide Record-Label-Type-Shenanigans Myspace, or you can go directly to the Myspace sites for the DJs Bradley C at and Defcon 1 at

*The Chew the Fat boys were also kind enough to leave us some CDs of the new album "Big Monster" by Baobinga & ID, as played in the mix and which YOU could win simply by emailing us and suggesting a competition we should run. The best competition idea will win the competition! Just email us your suggestions to or and you could win this baaadass slice of bangin breakbeat!


Baobinga & ID - Jump Up Get Hype
Unique 3 - I'm the...
30hz - Dadio (Miles Dyson Mix)
Line Idle - Tense
TJ Kong - Disconnected

- - - - ANDNOTOR RECORDS Mix (by Line Idle) - - -

Burial - Raver
Mantra - the 2nd Age
Like A Tim - Wonderlike
DMX Krew - The Monsigneur
D'Arcangelo - Diagram 2
Marc Houle - Techno Vocals
Depeche Mode - No Disco
Mathew Johnson - Decompression

This Saturday (24th Nov) ANDNOTOR Records are having a launch party for their brand new record from TJ Kong ("Disconnected") at Basura Blanca in Glasgow! Line Idle will be there doing a live set, and there will be three-boy DJ Action from TJ Kong, Cledus Snow, and Jason Brunton (Iridite Records). All ravers will be getting a free Andnotor Records badge too, so all in all this is going to be one hell of a party darling!

For more info on Andnotor Records you can visit their website at http://www. or alternatively their Myspace at, and if you wanna hear more Line Idle be sure and check out his Myspace - under his real name Aleksandr Jurczyk! It's at But does his mother know?

And while you're trawling the web why not check out Little Rock Records? We will be releasing new free music very soon from George Carlin and Copyleft, and you can hear previews of those tunes at our myspace -

And remember to check the listing for our LITTLE ROCK EXTRA Show, which followed on straight after the above and has a profile post all of its very own...

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