15-11-07 DEATH DISCO 5th Birthday Special! ft the Nut Bros & Hushpuppy

To celebrate the 5th birthday of Glasgow clubbing institution Death Disco, Boag & Niall have not one, but TWO special guests on this week's show!

Listen to the show! Cross posted from here, our thread in the forum:

Our playlist!


Robbie Williams - Lovelight (Soulwax Remix)
Trippy Disco Hashup - One Special Minute*
Galactic feat. Big Chief Monk Boundreaux - Second and Dryades
The Ironweed Project - Brown Sugar
©opyleft - Simple Difference*

Then the Nut Bros Selection:

Nut Bros - That Sinking Feeling
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes
Nut Bros - It's The Disco Stupid
Talking Heads - Life During Wartime
Kraftwerk - Tour De France
Nut Bros - Carte Blanche

...and then back to our selection:

GC vs IDM - Modern Man*
Nile - Chapter for Transforming Into a Snake
Basskleph - The Track With No name (well, we have no idea...)

From then on, Hushpuppy provided the music. He played:

Opel Bastard - Funkin
Logic System - Clash
Laser - His Name Is Charlie
Waren Glucklich, Daß - Wieviel Menschen
Knef - Du Gelebt
Teenager - Pony
Zombie Zombie - Smash Your Head
Barry Devorzon - Warriors
Richard Hewson - Beyond
Rhetta Hughes - Crisis (instrumental)
Bi & Co - How Do You Love
La Belle Epoque - Drink Me
Waymen Avenue - Key Of Dreams

...and then we finished with 'That Sinking Feeling' by our earlier guests, The Nut Bros. Yes, we know we played it already, but we love it that much we played it again.
Deal with it, squares!

The Facts!

Death Disco!
Record Playerz!
The Nut Bros!
Record Playerz... The Band!

and of course! - the website of the label without whom much of this(*) would JUST NOT BE POSSIBLE.

And remember, Death Disco are having their Big Bad Fifth Birthday, this Saturday at The Arches. It will cost you £12, and it will BLOW YOUR TINY LITTLE MIND. Be there or be totally confused when all your friends are talking about it.

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