What is Little Rock?

LITTLE ROCK RECORDS is a new download label from Glasgow, with an across-the-board eclectic sound, and a steady supply of FREE music to feed your hungry ears!

Launched on 07/07/07 by the Niallist and his mates Johnny Vitals, Napalm Geoff and Brad Manners, Little Rock kicked off in style with 7 free digital 7"s of electronica, indie, pop, and grime, from the Spin-Out Sisters and their weird beard compadre Abstrakt Bastard, from the Niallist and the golden tonsils of Miss Mac D, and the heavy dancefloor bass explorations of the 2.2 Kru and the Incredible D.M.. Click below to get your paws on the free music - and don't forget to register to get all the latest updates!

Over the next 12 months we have singles and long players coming from the Niallist, the electro-rock soundtrack style of The Evil Eye, dubby electro from The Incredible Dancing Machines, conscious live hip-hop/funk from Copyleft, the hypnotic drones and extreme ambience of the Art/Audio Interface Ensemble and MONG, psychedelic Krautrock form Dawn of the Magicians and much, much more! So stay tuned to the sound of LITTLE ROCK...


And don't forget to download your own free copy of the Glasgow supergroup Chorus of Gastornis' banging clown-core classic "Machete Attack"!

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