We've Got A Radio Show!

Little Rock Records has a new radio show!!!

Broadcasting weekly on Subcity Radio, Glasgow's Number 1 student radio station, you can listen live every Thursday from 12am til 2pm - just go to the website to check out the grooviness.

All shows are being archived and can be heard in the "Listen Again" section
Just scroll down and click on "The Little Rock Show"!
You can also find our playlists in the "Playlist Forum" here.

We'll be playing a freestyle selection of music we like - from dub to metal, ambient to indie, electro to folk and anything in between. Your hosts the Niallist and Johnny Vitals will be thrilling you with their kinky banter, we'll have features on all the best up and coming Glasgow and international acts, and of course there will be lashings and lashings of music from Little Rock Records!

If you have any requests, any music to submit, if you just wanna say hi, or even if you don't, drop us a line at littlerockradio@gmail.com or email studio@subcity.org...

Little Rock Radio! Because we can, baby...

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