8-11-07 - INNER CITY ACID "Butthash" Special!

This week Niall and Boag are joined by DJ Speedy from Inner City Acid to celebrate the clubs third birthday, when they will having acid legend DJ Pierre over from Chicago to play!

Just click here to listen. Cross-posted from the Subcity forums, here is what we played...

TJ Kong - Disconnected (Addnotor Records)
Michael Fakesch ft Taprikk Sweezee - Soda (Munk remix)
Q-Unit - Candy Bottom Girls
DJ Vadim - Manchester

---- Exclusive mix by Dj Speedy from Inner City Acid ----

DJ Deeeon - To Be Free
Salt'n'Pepa - Push It
Fantasy Club - Never Give Up (DJ Pierre Mix)
DJ Pierre - Acid Track (Paul Wollford Remix)
Laurent X - Machines

This Saturday 10-11-2007 INNER CITY ACID celebrate their 3rd Birthday ,at the Soundhouse in Glasgow, with an appearance by legendary Acid House pioneer DJ Pierre! For more info check out where you can hear 3 exclusive mixes by DJ Jon Virtue, or go to their myspace. Big thanks to DJ Speedy who came in specially on his lunch break to deliver that acid-tastic mix - you can check out more info on DJ Speedy at and if you wanna find out more about DJ Pierre then drop in on his Afro Acid Project - ACIEEEEEED!


Golden Bug - Disco Sensation
Heatwave - Boogie Nights


Dsico - Killing in the Name Of (Bluegrass Mix)
Foxface - The Cold South
Sons & Daughters - Taste the Last Girl
Kid Acne - Oh No You Didn't
Plan B - Rakin' The Dead
Lethal Destruction - So What?
Kano - Ps & Qs
Nafees & Areoplane Dope - Sniff Between the Lines*
Mastodon - Colony of Birchmen
Chorus of Gastornis - Machete Attack
Rustie - Response
Butch Cassidy Sound System - Rudi
Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus - Keep Cool Babylon

*We would just like to take this moment to warn all our listeners of the dangers of new "street-drug" JENKEM. The drug is synthesised from fermenting faeces and urine in jar, and the noxious gases are then inhaled - bringing about what has been described as a cocaine-like high but with more hallucinations. Sounds terrible! For more information on this nasty blight on our nation's youth, go here.

And for more info on us, and lashings of FREE music - visit Little Rock Records!

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